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April Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 28, 2013, 8:40 PM by Michelle Nelson

JJJC Meeting Minutes April 3, 2013

Call to order at 7:30 PM

No guests

Minutes read and approved for Mar. 2013 meeting.

No treasury report, Le Penskes not present.

Webmaster report; added run reports, calico pictures, meeting minutes, videos, questionnaire for the Trail Boss.

Michelle set up video for the Mammoth Wash Easter run 3/18 thru 3/25/2013.  Gary Parkin was trail boss.

Old Business:

Report on Regalia; all approved for Sharon to order decals, 26 magnetic 7” @6.75, 10 ea sticky 7” @ 7.00. $245.50 + tax, approximate.

New members will need 2 ea, Travis, Michelle, Judy, George&Barb, Tim.

None got together @ bank, Bil will schedule w/Mike and Gary for April sometime.

Telephone tree was finished and distributed.

Verified Liability forms are in the Trail Book.

Bil will update the Suggested Equipment list with the addition of FRS radio.

Discussion on the alternative Jeep runs, perhaps we can talk about what is coming up several months in advance, if there are long weekends that others  can’t go, they could plan a day trip for example.

JJJC Rooster will continue to be updated by Gabrielle.


New Business:

Trail Boss questionnaire discussed. Michelle to recreate a recap of runs to be put on the website.  Trail boss should complete in a timely manner. Motion was passed and questionnaire to be in the run book.

There will be no change in the way the minutes are done.

The recap of the previous months run and the upcoming run to be discussed earlier in the meetings, all agreed and this will be done…. last mos b/4 Old Business and next mos b/4 New Business.

Motion to releave Don Stephens the position of coordinator for the Adopt a Trail program.

Discussion on the issue of members who have a significant other but are not married, as is the case of Sharon & Rick.  She is allowed to do business for the club, t-shirts, decals etc, but is not afforded the membership status and allowed to hold office. All present agreed that she is a member and should have those same rights. Going forward this may need to be addressed on individuals as it comes up.

Gary reported on Mammoth Wash run, great time, wonderful weather.

Next month is Johnson Valley, trail boss is Michelle Nelson.

Adjourned at 9:30pm.