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June Meeting Minutes

posted Jul 3, 2013, 8:20 AM by Michelle Nelson

JJJC Meeting Agenda -- June 5, 2013

Routine Business

1.      Call to Order – 7:33

2.      Introduction of Guests -  None

3.      Reading of Minutes 

4.      Treasury Report – Balance was ****– Debit to TriForm – Credit from Coughran and Nelson  dues  New balance is $****.**

5.      Webmistress Report – Asked for pictures, Told about possible outages of website, Passed out Ride info sheets. Michelle has the club run books and will post info on the website.  Gary shared a little club history 3 members with 3 wives in their time in the club.

Special Business

6.      Clarification of Recent Correspondence – Incident happened outside of the meeting and was a personal incident.

Jeep Run Business: Report on Last Month

7.      No Club Run – Recent Trips by Members –Don talked about his trip to Death Valley and Saline Valley Hot Springs -  Michelle reported on HDR and told about Matino Wash and BullFrog/CakeWalk

Old Business

8.       Continued: Bank Account Signature Mission – Mission was accomplished!  Bil thanked Gary for taking the trip.  All of the signatures are done.

9.       Continued: Addition of FRS to Suggested Equipment List – Cannot find the thumb drive – Bil recreated the document.  It will be put in the run book.

10.    Printed Agendas: Adequate? – 10 copies is plenty

11.    Continued: Did Don Disassociate Himself from Adopt-a-Trail? – Don feels he has been disassociated and no further action is necessary.

12.    Continued: Gabriele to Distribute Corrected Rosters – Gabriele brought the rosters and Bil distributed.

13.    Betty had knee surgery last Wednesday – Operation was successful.  Jim says she is getting better because she slapped Jim.  The moved her to a Rehab place on Monday.

Jeep Run Business: Preview of This Month

14.    Lake Arrowhead – June 22 -- Trailboss: Travis Shephard – Run will be to Holcomb Valley Self guided tour.  Everyone to meet at the Discovery Center at 9:30 for a very easy trail ride in the mountains.

New Business

15.    Report on Dawn Weddle’s Recovery -  Dawn is home now.  Doing home therapy  She is up walking – She is doing very well!! – Jack or Gary will do minutes next month.

16.    Jeep Run for August  - Tim will do it to Big Bear in August!!

17.    Michelle brought up Best Run Award and the possibility of bringing back the idea – Club has decided to bring back the Best Run award. – Details to be decided later.

18.    CORVA announced Harry Baker is the new president – will watch to see if the club may be interested in rejoining

Jeep Run Business: Preview of Future Months

19.  Tim and Michelle talked about Big Bear run – Possible start in  Pioneer Town

Final Business

20.    Sharon has the decals for sale

21.    Adjournment 8:51