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March Meeting Minutes

posted Mar 16, 2013, 6:56 AM by Michelle Nelson   [ updated Apr 3, 2013, 7:38 PM ]


Call to order at 7:30pm.

There were no guests.

Minutes of Feb. 6, 2013 were read and approved by Dawn Weddle.

Vicki Le Penske read the treasury report, there is ******   in the checking acct.

Webmaster Report; names were updated, Google to be updated b/4 Don Stephen’s run report to be added. Betty has pictures of Calico to be added. Discussion on putting the run reports on the site.  A run questionaire will be given to the trail boss with basic questions.  This will help attract new members when they can see and read what the club is doing.

Gary Parkin will send the new Phone list with the next run notice for March.

Old Business;

Club regalia; Discussion on this moved to April meeting.

The club liability form is ok, it should be filled out for any guests that participate on club runs.

The club equipment list is ok, the addition of FRS by CB is to be added.

Vicki gave the bank our club members info, 3 people, herself, Bil Seymour and Gary Parkin will need to meet and go to the bank together, taking the club minutes that note Bil Seymour is President and Vicky is Treasurer.

Bil is now in posession of the Dumb Shit Flag.

Envelopes were given to Michelle for the April run and to Gary for the March run, there are envelopes for everyone thru April. Those needing more will be notified, please know I will put mine in the box at the May meeting. The box of envelopes was given to Michelle for the April meeting, temporarily while Dawn is out having surgery.

New Business;

We need to make sure that every month each member gets a run notice mailed to them.

Our club medical kit is missing or misplaced. It’s probably somewhere at Dick Moon’s home, but Mike Le Penske has not found it.  Since all members should be carrying their own first aid kits in each vehicle, it is not necessary to have the trail boss take this kit on each run.

Discussion on the format of our meetings. Many expressed their ideas, some wanting a lighter more fun meeting with less business and less discussion on minor decisions. We need to me somewhere in the middle and this will be addressed again. If Bil is informed in advance of issues and it’s on his agenda, the meeting goes more smoothly. Bill can send out his agenda in advance, that would give members more time and opportunity to add an item or think of what they need to say.

Bil reminded us all to watch our language at the meetings, this is a family and public venue. We should all respect that.

Discussion on the types of jeep runs, praises were given to all trail bosses. However, there was some concern of the difficult of some runs so that everyone can participate. Also, long week end trips can be costly for some members. More on this will be addressed.

A new 2013 rooster is needed. I believe Michelle may be doing this.

Don Stevens reported on Calico in Feb. They had good weather, no problems.

Gary Parkin is taking us (hope he has room for us all in the motorhome!) to Mammoth Wash Mar 25, for the Easter Week. I’m sure he’ll have fun activities during the week, games? Happy hour!

Michelle will be taking us to the Lucerne Valley April 27.

Bill handed out copies to everyone of the Club By Laws.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm.