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May Meeting Minutes

posted Jun 5, 2013, 9:31 AM by Michelle Nelson

JJJC Meeting Agenda

May 1, 2013

Routine Business

1.     Call to Order – 7:33

2.     Introduction of Guests - None

3.     Reading of Minutes - Approved

4.     Treasury Report – $******* – Dues not paid by all members – Those unpaid have  been notified.

5.     Webmaster Report – Updated run Reports, Guardian Jeepers, and April minutes posted.  No other concerns.

Special Business

6.     Correspondence with the President – Read an e-mail from Tony Arnold about his thoughts about the club and Bil’s reply to the e-mail.   Tony has resigned from the club. President asked for input from people about what the problem is. 

Jim brought up the multiple run issue again as a possible reason. Bil says his position has been and will be if you have a problem, let him know and he will try to fix it.

Jeep Run Business: Report on Last Month

7.     Johnson Valley – Michelle Nelson – Showed video – Great time was had by all at Rattlesnake Canyon then a great little BBQ at Judi’s after the run. 

8.    Bill checked to see if everyone liked the new format.  Don suggested adding a preview of future months run,

Old Business

9.      Fulfillment of Latest Club Regalia Order – Order was received.  Sharon passed out  decals to new members that needed them.  Decals will be passed out to other New members when possible. Sharon asked for check for $272.43 for decals.  They are available for sale $10 each.  Bil asked Sharon to bring them to all meetings to sell and thanked her for her work on getting the decals.

10.   Continuance of Bank Account Signatures – Bil will get with Michael, and Gary to schedule.  Michael is out of town and they will postpone getting scheduled to go to the bank till next month.

11. Addition of FRS to Suggested Equipment List – The thumb drive is misplaced and Bil will find it to make changes.

12. Debut of Trail Boss Questionnaire – passed around the new form.  Multiple copies will be put in the Run Book for future runs.  All Trailbosses are asked to fill it out and return it to Michelle as soon as possible to get a run report on the website. 

13. Bil was asking about how many copies of the agenda to print.  Asked everyone to print their own and he will bring reduced copies.

14. Reaction to New Agenda Format  -  Bil had already discussed this and everyone liked the new format.

15. Report on Discontinuance of Adopt-a-Trail – Don did not formally dissociate with the program but he did not re-sign up this year.  Don will take the responsibility to disassociate himself.  The consensus was to let it go.

16. Other: Got back membership for Blue Ribbon Coalition.

17. Gabriele distributed copies of the roster but there were errors and she will correct and redistribute next month. 

18. Vicki suggested that she stay the treasurer therefore Michael would not need to be on the signature.  So they will get together to get the signatures ASAP.  Since she was elected as treasurer, there are no changes that need to be made.

Jeep Run Business: Preview of This Month

16.  Silverwood Lake – Need Volunteer Trail Boss – 1st suggestion was to find a trail boss to take the run to Silverwood.  None volunteered to take the run.  Michelle volunteered to maybe take it to Cleghorn but the only weekend available is not good for everyone.  Possible picnic at Sharons.  It is up in the air.

New Business

17.  Report on Dawn Weddle’s Surgery (Today & Tomorrow) – Surgery for the Bone Graft was on Monday it was very successful.  Today they put in the hardware and the surgery went very well.  She was up standing by her bed and cussing at Jack.  At 8pm tonight they were going to try to get her up walking a few steps.

18.  Discussion of By-Laws Adjustment to Accommodate Non-Married Members – Do we need a bylaws change?  Gary says no because we bend the rules for other things.  Gary says we should consider them as partners and leave it the way it is.  Rick gave Sharon her proxy vote if ever necessary.  No formal changes

19.  Acknowledgement of Gary Parkin’s Community Service – Gary is being acknowledged for his community service for the City of Costa Mesa – Historical Committee for 2 year term, Then called by Mayor to be on the Pension Reform committee. 

20.  Got a letter from IRS – Did not file form 990 for tax year 2011 – Vicki says she already filed it and she confirmed with them.

21. Included Josh Schneider – Bil Got an e-mail – He is living in Western New York.  He may be moving back west soon.  He replied that we would like to see him.

22. Don brought up adding the Next, next month run.  Suggested it be right after new business.  Bil suggested after new business.  It will be added as Upcoming Runs. 

23. Michelle said that the June run will be June 22nd to Big Bear. 

24. Don asked about how other clubs meetings.  Michelle spoke about VV4W and Gary spoke about the Drifters meetings.  Bil says in his experiences at other clubs that he belongs to have meetings similar. 

Final Business

25.  Statements from the Floor

26.  Adjournment 9:04