Run Reports

Salton Sea Four Wheel Drive Run

Nov.2nd - Nov.7th 2016

Trail Boss

 Sharon Corella / Rick Shephard

This was a great run Our fearless Trail boss was Sharon Corella with Rick shephard behind the wheel. . We explored places we have never been and see things for the first time. Many of us were amazed at the Mud Pots. all the years we have been traveling this area we never knew these were here. Saturdays run found 10 four wheel drive vehicles ready to go, and after our drivers meeting we were off. we were on the Summit rd. / Bradshaw rd. trail. after being on one of the roughest roads any of us had ever been on we stopped for lunch. we stopped under the old Kaiser Steel Eagle Mountain Railroad Trestle. After a great lunch we were off again, only some us got off to a start after one of us had some jeep trouble it was decided that after the abuse we all took on the trail up to there. We had enough and all headed back to camp. all in all the trip was a great success and it was determined that we will be back. There are some more to see and trails to take it would take more then just a few days to do it all.

Spring Fling Jeep Run

3/22 – Friday, Judi and I started our travels to Red Earth Casino for the 1st night.  On 3/23 we met up with Don and Ali at the Glamis Store.  We drove the 18 mile dirt road together.  We arrived in camp at 1:00pm. Michelle arrived at 2:30.  Then Jim and Betty Mills arrived at 5:00pm.

3/24 – Rick  and Sharon arrived at 2:00pm.  Jim, Don, Rick and I headed out to the dunes on a sand run but Jim was having engine problems so we turned back to camp.  We worked the rest of the afternoon trying to diagnose and fix the problem with no success.  Don and Ali made us all dinner.  It was called a Milk Can Dinner.  They put carrots, potatoes, cabbage, corn and 3 types of sausage/hot dogs in a 10 gallon milk can and cooked it over a custom made burner.  It was good food and plenty of it.  We all had our fill and took left overs for later.

3/25 – Don, Rick, Judi and I went on a sand run for about 3 hours in the morning with no breakage.  Headed back to camp for lunch and a nap while waiting out white-out conditions.  It was very hot.  Thermometer said 91 degrees plus.  That afternoon we sat around and drank cold adult beverages with chips and homemade salsa.  Finally went to sunset with the whole gang.  Don, Ali, Rick, Sharon, Jim, Betty, Kat, Judi, Michelle and myself.  Came back from sunset for a big windy campfire and more adult beverages.  Then came the wind…  And it blew hard all night and into the next day.

3/25 – It was windy all day and into the night.  Despite the wind we had a Glow Stick Ring toss and Jim Mills was the winner.  The wind picked up and blew all night with 25-40 mph gusts.  Michelle’s tent suffered a fatal blow and she moved on Wednesday to her Jeep.

3/26 – Kate went home.  Judi, Rick, Don, Ali and I went for a morning Jeep run.  At about 2:00pm Jack and Dawn arrived with their dogs.  It was still very windy.  At 10:00pm Tim and Travis arrived with parts to fix Mills’ jeep.

3/27 – We are all happy that the wind stopped.  Tim and Travis headed back to Brawley and Calipatria for more parts.  They came back empty handed.  Judi, Rick, Don, Ali, Jack and I wend sand duning and had a blast.  When we came back we played a game.  Tim Arnold had the “Best Equipped Jeep” of the club after searching for random items Michelle asked for.  After the game we headed to sunset for a relaxing adult beverage. 

3/28 – Jim and Betty left at 8:00am to head for home since they could not get the jeep running.  At 9:30 we went and played in the dunes.   Jack, Don, Rick, Michelle and I had a good time.  We came back for lunch then decided to head to Boardmanville for a couple of cold adult beverages.  The new owners have really cleaned up the place and after talking to Hank (the bar keep) they have plans to add food to the menu and are working with BLM to get access thru wash 10 for OHV vehicles to be able to come.  When we got back everyone headed for sunset.  When we got back we played a game of Jeep-ardy and had a S’more party around the campfire.  Gary and Judi were the winners of Jeep-ardy.

To be continued...

Pre-Run report

Anza Borrego Desert State Park  

(See Gallery section for photos) 

Don, Arbos and Mills headed out to the Anza Borrego Desert State PArk to locate some trails for the Club.  Our drive out was up highway 79 thru Warner Springs like when we used to go to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.  We traveled past WArner Springs into the State Park to a campground called Agua Caliente Hot Springs.  After getting camp set up, Don went to visit with the Mills to do some trail planning and the Arbos went for a soak in the three hot springs nearby.  The next day the trail chosen was the Oriflamme/Rodriguez which was a loop trail that jad an offshoot to the tourist town of Julian which has gas and apple pie.  Well, we did have a few issues with the map and how it was laid out so we made a loop out of it and returned back to camp without getting gas or apple pie, the Arbos went for a soak and Don went to visit with the Mills.  The next day we headed to the town of Ocotillo, located along I-8 where we found a great restraunt that was off-roader friendly even with a small dirt bike museum.  After food and gas we headed back to the park where we took a trail to an old railroad station, tracks and water tower.  From there we took a different trail back to the highway and headed back towards camp.  Don and Mills stopped for a break and the Arbos went back to camp for another soak.  After our short break we came across a woman with a motorhome that was stuck in the sand so we winched her out.  Returning back to camp, I went to visit with the Mills and the Arbos were still having a soak.  

"The  ABDSP does have many good campgrounds and trails including some that are quite challenging.  I look Forward to the future when I can bring the club" 

- Don Stephens

August 24, 2013

Pioneeertown to Big Bear Via Burns Canyon

Fill-in Trail Boss Jim Mills

Run Report


          Mills, Shephards, Le Penskes.  We met up together in Pioneertown and left for Big Bear on Pioneertown Road.   We stayed on it until it turned into NF 2n02, not hard to follow since it's the main road. Very interesting road, lots of people living out there with some unusual ideas for housing. Any way, the road got boring so we started taking turn offs that weren't marked, had to turn around a few times, on one of them we found 2 old auto frames.  It looked like they were from somewhere in the late 30's, one was a truck frame the other was a car. We had gotten a long way off 2n02 so it took a while to find our way back. A little further down 2n02 we found a shade tree to have lunch under, which happened to be the turn for 2n61y. The sign said it went through to 2n02, it also said most difficult so how could we pass this up. A little way down this trail, a pickup and a VW bug went by in the direction we had just come, so how hard could this be? HA. The trail had some very good rock gardens that took the Cherokees a while to get through but they made it after some of the women folk got out and walked. The sign was correct that it went to 2n02. Another hour or two we made it to Big Bear where they were having an air show, so we had some fly overs with WW2 fighters and bombers. We stopped by Mills' friend Ed's house and had an end of trail cold one on the front porch. All in all a good day



Jeeping Jeepers Jeep Club

April 20, 2013

Rattlesnake Canyon, Lucerne Valley, CA


Eddy Tarr and his friend Tom met Trailboss Michelle Nelson at Judi Nelson's house.  They caravanned out and arrived at the Café 247 at 8:30 to find Don and Deanna Stephens having breakfast.  Shortly after Jim Arbogast arrived followed by Travis Shephard with Sharon Corella, Rick Shephard and Tim Arnold.  At about 915, Jim and Betty Mills arrived and everyone hit the road to the trailhead.  We started up the trail at around 9:30.  On our way up the trail everyone looked for cattle and wild livestock.  We started in the Wash and stopped about half way so that Eddy's jeep could cool off.  After a little while the Cherokee cooled off and we were back on the road.  A little bit later everyone stopped for a photo op and a drink.  When everyone was ready to go, Don's jeep decided it was not ready to go and refused to start.  After enough testosterone has looked under the hood and the proper adjustments were made, we were back up and rolling.  Down the canyon a bit later we found a nice place for lunch.  Everyone sat around and enjoyed a nice lunch together.  After lunch, everyone packed up and headed back down the canyon.  On the way back the elusive desert Cattle were spotted and Travis took great care to get past them without them spotting Rick!!  When we got back to the pavement area, everyone wanted to make a trip back in time to "Willy's Cabin" which was not far from the trailhead.  We ventured down the road a bit to the old cabin that was owned by Willy Bandieri and Family.  We found that a lot of things had been cleaned up but there were still lots of memories to be found.  The old Rhinoceros Beetle was spotted and Jim M. and Rick told about when Willy and Dick used to take off in Mexico with all of their gear strapped to the top.  After looking around the property for a while, everyone loaded back up and headed to Judi's house for a little BBQ.  Eddy and  Jim had to hit the road but stopped by for a bit.  Rick, Sharon, Travis and Tim along with Jim and Betty Mills joined Judi, Gary and Michelle for a quick BBQ.  Everyone was tired so the Shephard/Arnold clan hit the road back to Corona and the Mills headed back to their hotel in Victorville.  Everyone had a good time and people agreed that the area was nice and the club would like to explore more. 



Jeeping Jeepers Jeep Club

Easter 2013

3/18 thru 3/25

Mammoth Wash, CA


3/16 – Tony and Wendy Arnold with Michelle Nelson arrived at camp followed by Travis Shephard and Tim Arnold. Sage and Scout found the first of a few rattlesnakes that would be seen.  Tim wrangled it with his shovel.   Then Rick and Sharon arrived later after Rick left his wallet at the battery store for new motor home batteries.  Had a nice “campfire” that evening and decided (after dark)  that Michelle would move her tent from the snake infested bushes after the dogs found yet another snake. 

3/17 – The gang got up in the morning and headed off to the old cemetery and an old abandoned railroad camp that Tim and Travis had discovered.  There they found old cans and bottles that had been there for many years.  Rick and Travis did a little repair work to the cemetery and they headed back toward camp but got sidetracked with a trip thru the base of the dunes.  The wildflowers were in bloom and they were gorgeous.  It was decided to bring the rest of the group back later.  When they got back to camp, Michelle with the help of Tim and Travis discovered a broken motor mount on her Jeep.

3/18 – Myself (Gary Parkin) and the Mills got off to a late start because Betty overslept.  We arrived at the ARCO gas station in Salton City only to discover that the Mills refrigerator would not work on propane.  We made it to camp at about 4pm.  We put our heads together on fixing the motor home refrigerator at no avail.  So the Mills ran their generator to keep the food cool.

3/19 -   Tim had to fix his transmission shifter, Tony was working on adjusting his twin shifters, Mills was working on his fuel line and Rick was working on his transmission linkage.  All of the vehicles got fixed up and were running like well oiled machines.  Judi arrived that afternoon.   Everyone had good drinks around the campfire with good friends.

3/20 After a quick trip to the dunes and then an adventure in the Narrows where Rick tried to dig up a 500 lb bomb, everyone headed back to camp for a party hosted by the trail boss.  Everyone enjoyed food, drinks and friendship at my motor home.  We ate, drank and told stories about each other.  Then we moved the party to the campfire for more good times.

3/21 – We lost half of the camp.  Mills finally gave up on the refrigerator and generator problems so they headed back to Orange County.  Michelle had another date in Las Vegas with younger guys in Jeepspeed.  Rick, Wendy, Judi, and I wend sand duning in the morning and met up with Travis, Tim, Sharon and Tony for a lunch in the wildflowers.  Then we did some sand duning on the way back to camp.  I found a sink hole that got bigger and bigger as my skinny pedal got heavy so Tim gave me a pull and saved me.  Judi got a sand bath.  Tony and Wendy took the dogs and headed back to Riverside that afternoon.  Sunset was great.  Tim made beer and tomato juice.

3/22 – Tim and Travis went mountain climbing to look for the plane wing they had seen on the side of the mountain.  Rick and Gary went duning.  Sunset was great.  We had a big camp fire with Carne Asada for dinner.

3/23 – It was very windy.  Travis and Tim headed home.  Rick, Sharon, Judi and I helped the Niland economy and took a trip back in time visiting the Niland Store.  We saw Navy and Army soldiers at the store.  We thanked them for their protection of our country. 

3/24 – Sunday Rick, Sharon, Judi and I left about 1:30 to go home.  Judi and I arrived home, put the Jeep on the trailer and put the motor home away.  Then we went out to our best Mexican restraint in Costa Mesa to reflect on a great trip with little breakage!!






Run Report


Deanna & I took Friday off and headed up to Calico mid-morning.  On our way to the Calico Campground, we took a short side trip to see the Slash-X Cafe in Stoddard Valley and had a great lunch.   


We had a total of 4 vehicles in all for the run.  Jim & Betty Mills, Jim Arbogast and Deanna & I stayed in the Calico Campground.  Eddie Tarr stayed in the local hotel.  It was pretty cold and windy all weekend but we had a great campfire going on Friday night.


The next morning we started out by heading through a very tricky section of the mud hills and up Phillips Canyon.  We found the Kraemer Arch after searching for it for some time and everybody got a picture of their vehicles going through the arch.  We then headed to the top of Odessa Canyon to inspect the washout damage which previously had made the canyon run impassible.  As we headed down we found someone had done considerable work on the washed out area by building up a rock sidewall and we were able to proceed through the entire canyon for the first time in several years.  We did find a nice sheltered spot for lunch and enjoyed great conversation.  The canyon was as much fun as it has always been.


Once we got through the canyon, the day was pretty much gone and we all headed back to camp.  Eddie Tarr decided to leave and not stay over Saturday night.  Deanna, Jim Arbogast and I headed up to wander through the Calico Ghost Town and the Mills caught up with us.  They informed Deanna & me that our tent had blown apart in the wind so we all decided to stay in town and have drinks and an early dinner at the Calico House Restaurant.   Jim Arbogast then decided to also head out.  Deanna & I patched our tent back together and enjoyed some warm time in the Mills’ motor home before we headed back to the Calico Ghost Town for a nighttime “ghost” tour – we found the history of the town very interesting but saw no ghosts – maybe too cold for them!!  Sunday we all headed back home to prepare for another jeep trip.


If you should have any questions regarding this run, please feel free to contact me at 714-779-1673.

Assistant to the Trail Boss (Eddie Tarr), Donald Stephens

Easter Jeep Run

Sand Dunes 3/25/12 – 3/31/12

Trail Boss: Gary Parkin (A.K.A. The Prez.)

Members:  Gary Parkin

Judi Nelson

Jim, Betty and Kat Mills and Dog (Joey)

Rick and Travis Shephard and Sharon

Guests: Tony and LT Arnold

                Tim Arnold

                Webmaster Michelle Williamson and 2 Dogs (Sage and Scout)

Written by Gary Parkin

Monday: Jim, Betty and I  left Orange County at 9:45 am and had lunch in Salton City. Arrived at camp at 3:30pm and set up.  Tim Arnold was already in camp.  We had a big campfire with good weather.  I had to make his own bed!

Tuesday: Had a good breakfast.  Jim and I went on a 4 ½ hour ATV ride to far lands of this great nation.  We saw many pretty views thru the narrows and bombing range with rockets, and many of our tax payer money being used.  20mm rounds all over the ground.  Jim Mills great directions got us home to our motorhomes and Betty had late lunch waiting for us from our many travels.  Then we had a nap.  Tony and LT Arnold arrived with Shelly/Tony jeep.  Then Kate arrived around 6:00pm.  We had dinner, big fire and moonshine.  We told stories and lies until last man standing.

Wednesday:  After LT finally got out of bed we all went on a road trip, back to the bombing range to show others our finds.  Then we broke out our guns, we started shooting like some red-necks at a family reunion.  On our way home the black jeep Tony had a problem.  After seeing the problem and telling Tony how to fix it, this is what we do best, duct tape to small hose did it.  Now we needed water.  So Jim Mills stood on the front bumper and pissed into the radiator.  His aim is not so good at his age.  We finally made it back to camp with the grace of god and Kate’s good driving skills.  Jim and I were tired from matching Kate drive.  Then Happy Hour.  4:00pm drinking started.  Then we got a call from Judi whom was to arrive this afternoon.  She got lost “again”.  We do need out JJJC signs.  So Kate jumped on her ATV and found Judi.  After Judi had hugs and a cold drink she was fine.  Back to Happy Hour.  Judi, Jim, Betty and Tim ate dead liver on crackers.  Then webmaster Michelle arrived with her 2 dogs.  At 6:30 Judi and I made the Club feast of chili dogs, chips, coleslaw and homemade pies from the Niland Store.  We all ate until full and happy.  Then Judi broke out the moonshine for campfire, we had our glasses ready for the sweet nectar.  At 9:30 pm Rick Shephard and pit crew arrived in camp after 2 days of fixing motorhome.  Travis should get some award for sticking with his dad and not finding an available lady and running to Vegas.

Thursday: Jim and I went into the sand dunes and the rest did the little dunes.  Sunset was great and we all drank for Willy Bandieri and told past stories of Willy’s past trips to Mexico with JJJC.

Friday:  We got up and told LT to get up again.  At 10:00 am we said that we needed a drink.  “It’s 12:00 someplace.”  We went to Boardmanville Trading Place, We had a good time for 2 hours of  beer, pizza, wings and pool.  Back to camp for sunset again and a big fire in camp.

Saturday:  Did early sand dunes with jeeps and ATV’s.  Back to camp for more drinking, I think that we need “AA”.  Then at 5:00pm the wind came.  We had a big campfire and it was windy all night but we did have the Arnold’s Bailey’s.

Sunday: We packed up with the wind still blowing.  It was great to have the “Arnold’s” back, we only need George and Barbara.  It was also good to have strong LT to change my front paddle tires, thanks LT.  Great time, good friends and good weather.  In closing, my new front and rear paddle tires worked great.